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Old Worlds Bazaar brings you a virtual world’s fair of information, imagery, and products relating to early human cultures. Imagine yourself at one of the old silk road junctions in a sprawling marketplace surrounding an outdoor cafe that is temporarily closed for renovations. Merchants of touring services, antiquities, replicas, and modern interpretors of early art and culture gather here. Visitors drop in to shop for vacation ideas, rare old music and art reproductions, or a unique gift for history-minded kids. Some come to peruse the latest issue of The Ikonian Eye Webjournal, an eclectic collection of illustrated commentaries and annotated links.

From the Visitors Guide plaza, you can see nine themed sections of the Bazaar, where there are four recently updated and expanded areas. The Old Worlds Adventures section has a chronological guide to pre-1700 world sites. The Silk Road Sounds area is a resource for early music and instruments, as well as for historical movies on video and selected documentary films. The Scribes Pride corner offers a selection of illustrated books, prints, and clipart, with links to their vendors. K-12Plus has a selection of books and games about early times for kids who love castles, swords, princesses, and ancient mysteries. More sections are still under construction.

Ancient, Medieval, & Renaissance World Sites

We began with the UNESCO World Heritage sites, added more sites they do not list, verified dates where possible, and arranged the sites in chronological order within each world region. The oldest of human art and architecture are in the Rock Art and Megaliths section. Remaining evidence of early civilizations are listed in the Ancient Cities & Sites section. Medieval and Renaissance Sites include temples, churches, forts, and castles built after 400 AD and before 1700 AD.

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