How to improve critical thinking skills

Defining critical thinking

To put it simply, critical thinking is all about processing information in a systematic manner so that it helps us in making better and informed decisions. It further helps us in understanding things better. When it is said that we need to think critically it means we do not think regularly like everyday thinking. This is out of the box thinking.

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The thing to understand here is that thinking happens automatically. We need to apply tools like conceptualization, analysis, evaluation and so on so that it helps us in thinking critically. We can get the information from various sources like; being observant, experience, reflecting on the events or actions, communicating and reasoning.

So, by schooling and training ourselves, we make our brain to think by using the above-mentioned tools so that it can reach more accurate decisions.

The fact is we do not use critical thinking every day in our daily lives and in certain scenarios it is correct. As discussed critical thinking involves a lot of analysis so if we have to critically think about breathing then it would be very difficult. However, there are several other things where in our daily life if we think critically then it would be helpful and we would lead a far enriching life.

Importance of critical thinking

When we do not think critically it could actually land us into trouble. People could take advantage of us and we could face a lot of issues.

One should know why critical thinking is importantĀ in essay writing:

We feel that there are definite answers to all our questions. The fact is in real life the grey area is keeping on increasing and the area of black and white keeps on reducing. This means that in life there are rarely clear and straightforward answers to questions.

This help in essay writing as it helps students in forming their own opinions. It helps in writing down an intelligent essay with a different point of view than others. Critical thinking helps in good essay writing which in turn helps in developing writing skills.

The reason for it is that people write differently and put up more engaging material as they are thinking a differently. Another important aspect of critical thinking is it helps in creating worthy arguments for papers and one can back them up. Critical thinking helps in bringing originality in thought which people fit very refreshingIt also helps in processing information differently. So by thinking normally people can get little or no benefit out of certain information whereas critical thinkers can get a lot of information out of most of the information that they gather

Thinking critically

After writing so much about critical thinking one would wonder that how does one think critically? Well, fret not.

Here are a few tips:

Keeping on asking the basic questions: people many times get lost in the complexity of the issue. However, the aim should be to keep on going back to the basics like what information do we have? how did we come across that information and so on Questioning assumptions: as they said do not assume, ask.

People lose out a lot because they assume things and do not probe it further. They lose out because of that. Even though the assumption is there it makes sense to question it as it helps in opening more windowsBeing aware of our thinking process: we have a lot of biases in our thinking so it is important that we think objectively and do not let our biases get the better of us. Out thinking takes short cuts to explain things to us but keeping that in check helps in thinking critically


As mentioned earlier in this day and age when so much information is available we would be doing ourselves a disservice by not thinking critically and taking advantage of it. It helps in knowing things and it is beneficial to utilise those things to further ourselves in the society.