Performance Reviews

Do you work your hardest for 12 months then hope for some recognition and reward once a year in your annual performance review? This just in, doesn’t bet your career on it. Most managers have a difficult time keeping up with all of their corporate projects, let alone remembering all the things you contributed over […]

Tribal Graffiti

North American Rock Art Beginning with the Americas, Eye will focus on a series of commentaries and links about some of the world’s most powerful archetypes. The urge to record our presence among earthly life forms seems to be a universal and permanent human trait. The oldest rock art found in the world so far […]

Tours, Books, Art, Music, Film, Games

Old Worlds Bazaar brings you a virtual world’s fair of information, imagery, and products relating to early human cultures. Imagine yourself at one of the old silk road junctions in a sprawling marketplace surrounding an outdoor cafe that is temporarily closed for renovations. Merchants of touring services, antiquities, replicas, and modern interpretors of early art […]

All About Sleep

All About Sleep – Getting the …ZZZ’s to balance out your action packed lifestyle! G’day mates! As always, I hope you’re hitting it up, taking action and enjoying life both inside and outside the classroom!! It’s a great day here in Melbourne so get outside and enjoy it! On the flip side of getting out […]