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  • How to improve critical thinking skills

    Defining critical thinking To put it simply, critical thinking is all about processing information in a systematic manner so that it helps us in making better and informed decisions. It further helps us in understanding things better. When it is said that we need to think critically it means we do not think regularly like

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  • Five Fun Ways to Make New Friends When Studying in Australia

    You’ve been accepted for your student visa, taken the long haul flight, signed up for all of your courses and have finally arrived at your university in beautiful sunny Australia. You can’t wait to get started on your degree and to enjoy the laid back Australian lifestyle. However, one thing is missing: some great friends

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  • Tribal Graffiti

    North American Rock Art Beginning with the Americas, Eye will focus on a series of commentaries and links about some of the world’s most powerful archetypes. The urge to record our presence among earthly life forms seems to be a universal and permanent human trait. The oldest rock art found in the world so far

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  • Tours, Books, Art, Music, Film, Games

    Old Worlds Bazaar brings you a virtual world’s fair of information, imagery, and products relating to early human cultures. Imagine yourself at one of the old silk road junctions in a sprawling marketplace surrounding an outdoor cafe that is temporarily closed for renovations. Merchants of touring services, antiquities, replicas, and modern interpretors of early art

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  • All About Sleep

    All About Sleep – Getting the …ZZZ’s to balance out your action packed lifestyle! G’day mates! As always, I hope you’re hitting it up, taking action and enjoying life both inside and outside the classroom!! It’s a great day here in Melbourne so get outside and enjoy it! On the flip side of getting out

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